On 25 January 2024, the project partners of Right Skills 4U project co-financed by the Interreg Programme Slovenia-Hungary 2021-2027 organised a study trip to the Talent Centre in Graz, Austria. The event was attended by career guidance counsellors, primary and secondary school principals, teachers and project partners to learn about good practices related to the Austrian methodology. During the program, participants were given detailed information on the functioning of the Talent Center and the work carried out there. The Talent Centre’s main activity is the complex assessment and analysis of skills, abilities and career knowledge of pupils facing vocational/career choices. The assessment is concluded with a personalised analysis report, which gives the student an insight into his/her strengths and weaknesses and helps him/her to identify the professions in which he/she can fulfil his/her potential. The study visit gave participants valuable professional insights into a comprehensive, focused, high-quality career guidance assessment process.

The study visit participants agreed that there is an urgent need for a similar system to test young people here in the joint Slovenian-Hungarian region.