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Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary


Within three months of the date of notification to the Member State of the Commission decision adopting a programme, both Member States participating in the programme, in agreement with the MA, set up a MC. The composition of the MC shall be agreed on by mutual consent by the programme Member States in line with Article 5 of the CPR and taking into consideration Commission Delegated Regulation on the European Code of Conduct on Partnership. Members of the MC represent the participating MS’s on policy and administrative level and thus ensure a transparent approach and are in positon to find optimal solutions for the benefit of the whole programme area. Representation of policy areas relevant for the programme and participating regions is insured. A representative of the European Commission participates in an advisory role. Other relevant bodies representing civil society, including environmental partners, non-governmental organisations, and bodies responsible for promoting social inclusion, gender equality and non-discrimination (e.g. NGOs) participate. Details of the voting procedure are set out in the Rules of Procedure of the MC on a principle that each participating country has one vote.

It is the task of the MC to steer the programme and to ensure the quality and effectiveness of its implementation. The MC carries out its functions in line with Article 49 and Article 110 of the CPR. Modalities of the MC work are defined in the Rules of Procedure, while taking into account the general rule that each country has one vote.

The MC adopts its Rules of Procedure in agreement with the MA. MC is chaired by the MA. MC meetings are held alternatively in both Member States. The MC meets at least once a year and reviews the implementation of the Programme and progress towards achieving its objectives. It examines in detail all issues that affect the performance of the Programme and makes decisions on any amendment of the Programme proposed by the MA or on MC’s own proposal. Without prejudice and in line with Article 110 (2)(a) of CPR, MC takes decision upon:

  • the methodology and criteria used for selection of operations and any revisions of these;
  • evaluation and communication strategy and any amendments of these;
  • selection of operations to be supported

MC can set up specific working and task groups. The meetings of the MC and its minutes are prepared by the JS in conjunction with the MA and the active members. If necessary, decisions can be made following a written procedure among the members of the MC according to the conditions defined by the Rules of Procedure.

Member States and MC aim to promote equality between men and women and equal opportunity in the membership of the MC. The MA asks the members of the MC to sign a statement acknowledging their obligations related to confidentiality and conflict of interest and remind members of the MC that list of MC members is made public.


Members with voting right Peter Ješovnik Služba Vlade RS za razvoj in evropsko kohezijsko politiko, vodja delegacije Member
Tatjana Rener   Substitute
Tanja Rener Služba Vlade RS za razvoj in evropsko kohezijsko politiko Member
Urška Trojar   Substitute
Simona Križaj Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo Member
Krunoslav Karlovčec   Substitute
Irena Marš Ministrstvo za kulturo Member
Ivan Oven   Substitute
Matjaž Vrčko Ministrstvo za infrastrukturo Member
Bojan Žlender   Substitute
Tadej Bojnec Urad Vlade Republike Slovenije za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu Member
Marjan Cukrov   Substitute
Members in advisory capacity Živana Mejač Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve Member
Tatjana Pezdir Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport Member
Tit Neubauer   Substitute
Stanko Baluh Urad Vlade za narodnosti Member
Tjaša Herman   Substitute
Grit Ackermann Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije Member
Samo hribar Milič   Substitute
Božidar Pučnik Mariborska razvojna agencija, Vzhodna kohezijska regija Member
Sabina Potočnik Magdič Razvojni center Murska Sobota, Vzhodna kohezijska regija Substitute
Rok Šimenc BSC Kranj, Zahodna kohezijska regija Member
Giuliano Nemarnik RRC Koper, Zahodna kohezijska regija Substitute
Bojan Vogrinčič Lokalna energetska agencija za Pomurje, CNVSO Member
Ivan Kramberger Prostovoljno gasilsko društvo Gornja Radgona, CNVSO Substitute


Members with voting right Mr. Péter Kiss-Parciu Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Department for Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes (NA) Member
 Mrs. Nikoletta Horváth   Substitute
Mrs. Renáta Shiraishi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Department for Regional and Cross-Border Development Member
Mr. Akos Palencsár   Substitute
Ms. Judit Eszter Novák Ministry of Agriculture Member
Ms. Mariann Varga-Nemes   Substitute
Mr. Balázs Birkás Hungarian Tourism Agency Member
Ms. Anita Molnár   Substitute
Mr. Péter Balázsy County Council of Vas County Member
Mr. Péter Palotai   Substitute
Ms. Veronika Kárpáti County Council of Zala County Member
Mr. dr. Attila Pál   Substitute
Members in advisory capacity Ms. Nikolett Kovács General Directorate of Social Affairs and Child Protection, Sub-Office in Zala County Member
Mr. Dániel Sebestyén   Substitute
Mrs. Marietta Tuczainé Régvári Diocesan Caritas in Szombathely Member
Mr. Zoltán Drácz   Substitute
Ms. Krisztina Kinga Horváth Consultants for Sustainable Development Association Member
Mr. István Tamás Farkas   Substitute
Mr. Gábor Székely Ministry of Human Capacities Member
Mr. Zoltán Varga Ministry of Finance Member
Mrs. Erika Rodekné Hederics Local goverment of Nagykanizsa (city with county rights) Member
Mr. Miklós Bárczi   Substitute
Ms. Adrienn Futó Széchenyi Programoffice Consulting and Service Nonprofit LImited Liability Company Member
Ms. Nóra Bartha   Substitute
Mr. István Joó Secretariat of the Danube Region Strategy Ministerial Commissioner Member
   Mr. Gábor Jenei Substitute


Katalin Julia PENZES European commission, Desk Officer for Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary

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