Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary

Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary

Objectives of the Programme

The main aims of the Cooperation Programme are the following:

The overall objective of the Programme is to become an attractive area for living, working, investing, undertaking trough better capitalizing on existing natural and cultural assets in tourism catalyzing the development of the whole region on one hand and on the other jointly addressing those common problems which call for common solutions at CBC level.

The specific aims are the following:

  • Better usage of under-exploited natural and cultural values through cooperation in tourism, as the Region’s key competitive, labor-intensive sector.
  • Create/strengthen local economy (workplaces available locally, new enterprises, entrepreneurship) in rural areas through sustainable tourism development by interlinking remote cultural and natural heritage spots and connect them to larger tourism destinations, magnets.
  • Further develop the “green and livable” region brand of the CBC area through preserving, revitalizing and valorizing natural and cultural resources and improving stakeholder cooperation and social, economic and institutional connections.
  • Extending the cross-border cooperation by strengthening the institutional capacities of public and civil stakeholders in mutually important fields of public policies and services.

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