Horse Based Tourism – HBT

The project responds to challenges of the programme area, as the main objective represents the creation of an attractive and recognizable cross-border tour.destination that offers high quality products, which invite tourists to embark on a new adventure with the innovative concept of “Horse Based Tourism”. Thus, tourist from already existing tour.magnets will venture to new sights of natural and cultural heritage in the cross-border area. The innovative HBT concept has great potential because in contrast to classical equestrian tourism, it is appealing for broader tourist target groups (children, families, bigger groups, people with special needs as well as “incentive“ and “team building” activities). During the project a “carriage of the 21.century“ will be developed and built. 3 new (different) horse carriage models will be innovative on a world scale. The HBT concept will prolong the duration of overnight stays; it will add additional content to the existing tourist offer and offer new lodging destinations (HGcamp). Cross-border cooperation is of key importance, as each PP contributes the necessary complementary resources, knowledge, competences and experiences for the realization of project’s innovative goals. A regional interest group of HBT organizations will oversee the implementation of the business model and the new brand. It will also offer a supportive environment during the project’s implementation. With future training courses it will help to obtain the necessary “know-how” and will provide sustainable growth in the future and further the increase in overnight stays. 5,000 new tourists will be attracted by the world of horses (14 new pilot progr. and HBT prod.). People ARE tourism, thus 150 professionals from the fields of tourism and horses (trained during the project) will make sure that tourists in search of new and pleasant experiences, will not only love to return to this cross-border region but will continue doing so.



  • Priority axis 1

    Investment priority 6c

    SO 1: To increase attractiveness through the diversification and cross-border integration of the sustainable touristic offer in the programme area, based on the protection of the elements of cultural and natural heritage

  • Project duration

    01.02.2018 – 31.12.2019

  • Comitted ERDF co-financing

    695.848,25 EUR

  • Project partners
    • Zavod nazaj na konja, Zavod za razvoj, raziskave in izobraževanje v konjeništvu in na področju aktivnosti in terapije s pomočjo konja (Lead Partner)
    • Raziskovalno izobraževalno središče Dvorec Rakičan
    • Pannon Egyetem
    • Helikon Kastélymúzeum Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.