The project will bring about a great change in tourism for suppliers and users. The Iron Curtain once divided us, preventing tourism development – this project will not only revive, but also build new foundations of tourism. Water from the Mura will never flow into Raba and vice versa, but enthusiasts will enjoy the new cross-border waterways of both rivers, in rafts and canoes. Between the two rivers they will explore routes and learn mysteries of the rebellious Kuruc and the history of border guards in the new museum (restored Čepinci guardhouse). Along the former Iron Curtain they will hike, ride and drive in a horse-drawn carriage. They will also be able to spend a night at a local inn or in the renovated Raba camp. The project will join together unrelated, unmotivated and less qualified service providers where the world used to end once, leaving natural and cultural potentials unexploited, lacking promotion and having a poor tourist offer with low income. To revive the area, service providers will be brought together into a cross-border network and receive training in modern tourism. We will thus prepare a comprehensive TP Mura Raba Tour including 4 programmes: water, equestrian, hiking and culture. For the implementation of TP, appropriate marketing channels will be used (salespeople and agents) and tools (benefits system), which are to reach target groups. 6 PPs have been brought together by similar ideas in tourism development and through joined efforts we will be able to complete the project successfully. The project will change the tourist map between the Mura and the Raba and the related offer will bring about numerous packages and combinations on both sides of the border, from one to more days of leisure time to a full experience of the cross-border region in a unique tourist offer. From the introduction of a new TP everyone is sure to benefit – tourist organizations, service providers, population and tourists.




  • Priority axis 1

    Investment priority 6c

    SO 1: To increase attractiveness through the diversification and cross-border integration of the sustainable touristic offer in the programme area, based on the protection of the elements of cultural and natural heritage

  • Project duration

    01.11.2017 – 31.08.2021

  • Comitted ERDF co-financing

    674.566,80 EUR

  • Project partners
    • PRAK d.o.o. (Lead Partner)
    • KOCLJEVINA – zavod za usposabljanje in zaposlovanje invalidnih oseb
    • Občina Šalovci
    • Szentgotthárd és Térsége Turisztikai Egyesület
    • Csörötnek Község Önkormányzata
    • Orfalu Községi Önkormányzat