The Institute for Tourism and Development Lendava, in cooperation with the Slovenian Bicycle Network, organized a workshop on March 16, 2018 with the following title: Cycling – opportunity for regional development, cycling tours and projects in the border area of ​​Slovenia and Hungary.

The Guide2Visit project aims to promote the area as an attractive tourist destination with a special emphasis on popularizing and developing cycling as a comparable advantage of the area.

In the introduction Varga Romeo, Director of the Institute for Tourism and Development Lendava, welcomed the participants, introduced the work of the institute, their current projects and the aims of the workshop in the Murania Cycling Center.

The next presenter, Žižek Bojan, representative of the Slovenian Bicycle Network explained the importance of cycling infrastructure, and mag. Rozman Uroš, representative of the Koroška Regional Development Agency spoke about long-distance bicycle connections as a business opportunity, illustrating the example of the “Drava Bike” cycling connection. The presentations of both speakers served as an excellent starting point for the practical work on the topic of touristic packages and brands, which was moderated by Muhič Mateja, a colleague of the Lahko Public Institute. Participants were actively involved in the design of touristic packages and cycling tours, which in the near future would contribute even more to increase the touristic attractiveness of Lendava and the whole region. It is notable that participants represented almost every region of Slovenia.

The event, organised by the Institute for Tourism and Development Lendava, was the first workshop of Guide2Visit, a project implemented in the framework of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia – Hungary. The institution believes that cooperation with other institutions, partners, local- and state level stakeholders, as well as citizens, is necessary for the successful development of the area, therefore more thematic workshops will be organized in the future. At the same time, numerous marketing activities are planned within the framework of the project, since the project serves the promotion of the border area.