For the Interreg podcast series “This is Europe” we need your stories. Podcasting is a simple but powerful medium to reach our audience. The Interact programme has experienced this in 2020 with the very first Interreg podcast series. The first 4 episodes were downloaded 5.000 times. In 2021, the plan is to go further, with shorter episodes to be promoted in a cross-media campaign. Tell your stories as journalists would. This will make them accessible and attractive to anyone with or without prior knowledge about Interreg or even EU affairs.

The point of the stories is to show the impact of cooperation on the citizen and on the programme territories. It is the goal to show that Interreg is a useful tool to fix real problems. Projects can contribute their stories until 8 March 2021.

Topics for stories in the podcast are:

  1. Towards sustainable food systems
  2. Re-invigorating the fight against inequality
  3. Culture in crisis?
  4. A digital boost for the circular economy
  5. Green mobility


The Interact programme will pick the stories with the highest journalistic appeal. For that, you should identify one or two charismatic people who can speak for the project, namely end-users who may not be involved in putting together the project but who have used its results. You may find good examples of this in the 4 episodes that have been published last year (see the podcast episodes here itt: For participating, please send a story summary, the character’s name and the topic to our e-mail address at by 8 March 2021.