ICC Day – Cycling Festival

On Saturday, October 5, in Ptuj and on Sunday, October 6 in Őriszentpéter, you are kindly invited to the event “ICC Day – Cycling Festival” in the frame of the project “IronCurtainCycling”.

European Cooperation Day 2019 in Páka with Interreg SIovenia-Hungary programme

Páka, Hungary, 14 September 2019 – Under the auspices of the European Commission and the INTERACT program throughout Europe for the eight consecutive year, events are taking place at the European Cooperation Day. The events of this year’s ECday 2019 take place under the slogan “Europe is you”, whereby event organizers wish to emphasize the importance of the achievements of European regions and countries in cross-border cooperation. Projects implemented in this context have a significant impact on the quality of living of residents in border areas and bring long-term effects in the field of economy, tourism, cooperation as well as the preservation of the rich natural and cultural heritage. In this area, Slovenia has already with the neighbouring country of Hungary realized a number of successful cross-border projects, which form the identity of the border area. The first results of the co-financed project Iron Curtain cycling have been introduced to the participants of the cycling event in Páka. Which has been organized by the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, the Managing Authority for the Cross-Border Co-operation Program Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary in the period 2014-2020 in cooperation with the project partners of the Iron Curtain Cycling project.

A group of 250 participants from Slovenia and Hungary gathered in Páka, Hungary. The participants were welcomed by Dimitrij Pur, Head of the European Territorial Cooperation and Financial Mechanisms Office in the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy and the Vice president of Zala County Mr. Csaba Bene, who also presented Iron Curtain Cycling Project. He emphasized that the project seeks to develop a complex CBC cycling destination through intertwining local, regional cycling routes connecting to EV13, being the main north-south axis of the region, and through developing cycling-friendly services and supplementary tourism supply with the aim to integrate the area into the international system of EuroVelo.

The participants then went for biking and hiking around the area between the Slovenian and Hungarian border. Cyclists were offered two tours, shorter 35 km and longer 80 km. The shorter distances led the participants from the Sports field in Páka to Szécsisziget– Lovászi where the first refreshment station was. After cyclists continue to Lentiszombathely with second intermediate stop and Csömödér, where the project GO IN NATURE was presented to the cyclists. A 80 km long tour led participants from Páka to Lentiszombathely with border crossing and first refreshmenst station in Dobronak / Dobrovnik, where project TELE-KA-LAND was presented. It was followed by cycling until the next stop on the top of  Lendava-hill with Hadik Chapel and cross the border to Tenkehegy, with second refreshment stop. Cyclists then return to Páka through Lendvadedes, Gosztola, Máhomfa  and Szécsisziget.

Hiker were also offered two guided walking tours, shorter 5 km and longer 15 km. The shorted distance was guided around the village Páka, visiting the Memorial House of Professor Öveges, traditional house in Dömefölde, bunkers and Roman catholic church. The longer tour was eco-touristic experiences along the Válicka stream. The participants got acquainted with the forests of Zala county, fauna and flora in the vicinity of the Válicka stream.

After the cycling and hiking experience the participants were offered hot meal and accompanying programme with sports facilities, demonstrations/shows, games, fanatic jump, spinning, fitness park, teqball, health screening examinations (pressure measurement, blood sugar, body mass index), velociped show, presentation of the local crafts and also fun activities for children.

The event presented a nice opportunity to exchange experiences, opinions and, of course, socialize representatives of various institutions and the public

Dimitrij Pur, Director, Head of the Managing Authority, said that many cross-border projects are the result of cooperation between Hungarian and Slovenian partners, and today we would not have been able to carry out the event without cooperation and the Interreg program. Collaboration is the key to getting to know each other and building confidence in a cross-border area, and making us all mentally rich. Collaboration does not just happen, but it is built gradually. We are aware that there will always be common challenges beyond national borders, so there is no alternative to cooperation between neighbors. The Iron Curtain Cycling, GO IN NATURE and TELE-KA-LAND projects, which will be presented today, prove that participation in practice pays off, ensures project visibility and a greater number of visitors than if the activities were carried out unrelated, only on one side of the border. The purpose of today’s event is also to participate, and every year a larger number of participants prove that there is a strong preference for cross-border cooperation. For this reason, the cross-border program between Slovenia and Hungary is one of the most successful programs at EU level, by the use of funds. The cooperation agenda will continue over the period 2021-2027 and I believe that together we will come up with the most effective solutions to the common challenges of the cross-border area.


Pictures from the event are available here.

Short video of the event is available here.

News by TV AS about the event can be watched here.

News by Zalai Krónika about the event can be watched here.

News by Lenti TV about the event can be watched here.



REMINDER: DEADLINE IS APPROACHING! – Interreg SI-HU Best Projects wanted

The Joint Secretariat of Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary (CP SI-HU) announces an open competition to apply for the title of SI-HU Best Project. The first submission deadline of applications is 30th September 2019.


You are invited to attend the family cycling event (Hungary) on Saturday, 14 September 2019 in the framework of the European Cooperation Day (EC DAY) 2019.

Open call for proposals for traditional houses and hotels

The project partners of the project „HOUSES” have opened call for proposals for traditional houses and hotels in Zala and Vas counties in Hungary and in Pomurska and Podravska regions in Slovenia.

SENS NETWORK – Social Entrepreneurship Conference

On 28 August 2019, LRF for Pomurje and its project partner from Hungary are organizing an opening conference on social entrepreneurship within the SENS NETWORK project. The project is partly financed by the cross-border program Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary.


Save the date and take part in our family cycling event in the frame of the European Cooperation Day 2019 which will take place on Saturday, 14 September 2019 in Hungary and Slovenia.

21 project applications submitted in the sixth deadline for the submission of projects

On Tuesday, 18th June 2019 at 12:00 the sixth deadline for the submission of project applications in the frame of the Open Call for Proposals of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary in the period 2014-2020 ended.

Until the closure of the deadline, 21 project applications were submitted. Below you can find the table of all received applications with requested amounts.






Order Project ID Acronym Name of the project Priority Axis Specific Objective Lead Partner ERDF amount requested (in EUR)
1 SIHU219 KIS-LED Ledinska imena na dvojezičnih območjih v Prekmurju in Porabju/Földrajzi nevek Muravidék és Rábavidék kétnyelvű területén 2 2 Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of the Sciences and Arts  €    230.493,65
2 SIHU221 capCROSSplan Krepitev kapacitet razvojnih organizacij na področju čezmejnega regionalnega sodelovanja / Fejlesztési szervezetek kapacitásainak erősítése a határon átnyúló regionális együttműködés terén 2 2 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zala County  €         169.954,49
3 SIHU224 Act4progress Trajnostni ukrepi za izboljšanje delovnih pogojev in učinkovitosti javnih institucij/
A közintézetek munkafeltételeit és hatékonyságát javító fenntartható intézkedések
2 2 University Medical Centre Maribor  €    263.589,25
2 2 POMURJE TECHNOLOGY PARK  €        339.163,6
5 SIHU226 Riding2GETHR Skupaj v sedlu: Krepitev institucionalnega sodelovanja na področju aktivnosti in terapije s konjem / Együtt a nyeregben: Az intézményi együttműködés erősítése a lovas tevékenységek és a lóterápia területén 2 2 Zavod nazaj na konja, Zavod za razvoj, raziskave in izobraževanje v konjeništvu in na področju aktivnosti in terapije s pomočjo konja  €        196.630,5
6 SIHU227 Know AVE Knowledge center for Cross border collaboration in electrical vehicle and autonomous driving /
/ Center znanja za čezmejno sodelovanje na področju električnih vozil in avtonomne vožnje / Határon átnyúló tudáscentrum az elektromos járművek és az önvezető megoldások terén
2 2 University of Maribor  €        252.435,79
7 SIHU230 RuralCoop Čezmejno institucionalno sodelovanje za povečanje trajnosti in kakovosti proizvodnje “lokalnih proizvodov” – Határon átnyúló intézményi együttműködés a „helyitermék” előállítás fenntarthatóságának, színvonalának emelése céljából 2 2 Smart House Martjanci – Institution for research and sustainable development Martjanci  €        286.953,2
8 SIHU232 SI-HU PRO Strateško sodelovanje institucij za skladno uporabo projektnih rezultatov v slovensko-madžarski obmejni regiji / Stratégiai intézményi együttműködés a projekteredmények koherens hasznosítására a szlovén-magyar határtérségben 2 2 Self-Government Office of Vas County  €    289.000,00
9 SIHU233 MUDI-ZOP Multidisciplinarni pristop k zdravstveni obravnavi otrok s posebnimi potrebami/
A sajátos nevelési igényű gyermekek orvosi kezelésének multidiszciplináris megközelítése
2 2 Community Healthcare Center dr. Adolf Drolc Maribor  €        349.718,51
10 SIHU234 CircCluster Grozd krožnega gospodarstva za SI-HU čezmejno območje
Körkörös gazdaság klaszter a SI-HU határon átnyúló térség számára
2 2 University of Maribor  €        259.408,48
11 SIHU235 e-documenta Pannonica 2 Nadgradnja skupne baze in spletnega portala z novimi interaktivnimi vsebinami / A közös adatbázis és web portál bővítése új, interaktív tartalmakkal 2 2 Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota  €        260.084,44
12 SIHU236 Digit Next Intézményi összefogás és együttműködés a Digitális Átállási folyamatok elősegítéséért 2 2 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nagykanizsa  €        338.325,7
13 SIHU237 MOTIVAGE Idősbarát régió kialakítása a határtérségben, a biztonságos és aktív időskort elősegítő, hosszú távú együttműködések kialakításával / Vzpostavitev starejšim prijazne regije na čezmejnem območju z vzpostavitvijo dolgoročnega sodelovanja za spodbujanje varne in aktivne starosti 2 2 MURABA Korlátolt Felelősségű Európai Területi Társulás  €        288.116,00
14 SIHU238 S-CONNECT Institucionalna krepitev zmogljivosti za zdravo regijo: nova znanja za revitalizacijo športnih resursov /
Intézményes kapacitásfejlesztés az egészséges régióért: a sporterőforrások revitalizálását szolgáló új ismeretek
2 2 Municipality of Radenci  €        338.801,79
15 SIHU239 FENIKS Vzpostavitev sistema trajnostnega medinstitucionalnega sodelovanja v čezmejni regiji z vidika obvladovanja novih izzivov. / A határokon átnyúló régióban működő fenntartható intézményközi együttműködés rendszerének kialakítása az új kihivások kezelése érdekében. 2 2 Projektna razvojna agencija in komunikacija d.o.o.  €        266.770,8
16 SIHU240 GreenReg Krepitev zelenih kompetenc institucij regionalnega razvoja 2 2 Development centre Murska Sobota  €        164.126,92
17 SIHU241 WeCare Vzpostavitev nove storitve socialne oskrbe / Az új szociális gondozási szolgáltatások kialakulása 2 2 DOM STAREJŠIH LENDAVA IDOESEBB POLGAROK OTTHONA LENDAVA  €        348.781,77
18 SIHU242 INTERMED Povezovanje za krepitev medgeneracijskega sodelovanja/Kapcsolatépítés a generációk közötti együttműködés erősítésére 2 2 Mosaic-Association for social inclusion, social enterprise  €        291.008,12
19 SIHU243 WeShareCare Izboljšanje socialne vključenosti in storitev ter boljša mobilnost za osebe v oskrbi v ruralnih območjih Slovenije in Madžarske / A szlovákiai és a magyar vidéki területeken gondozottak társadalmi befogadása, a szolgáltatások és a mobilitás javítása 2 2 Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota  €        282.710,00
20 SIHU245 GOR-POR Skupna čezmejna razvojna strategija Goričkega in Porabja / Goričko és Rábavidék közös határon átnyúló fejlesztési stratégiája 2 2 The Slovenian Provinces Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd.  €        202.997,00
21 SIHU246 R – CPK Regionalni center za razvoj poklicnih kompetenc
Regionális Szakmai Kompetenciafejlesztő Központ
Center for development of vocational competences
2 2 Adult Education Center Lendava  €        156.969,27



RIGHT PROFESSION – Young and professionally

On 5 June 2019, the final conference of the RIGHT PROFESSION II project was held in Zalaegerszeg in Hungary, where the proactive partnership signed a new subsidy contract for the project with the acronym DUAL TRANSFER based on the results of the Right profession II project.