A New Master Glass Artist

William Jay Bolton (aka: Jay Bolton) was an American artist, printer and glassmaker. He was born in New Jersey and moved to San Francisco when he was just 15 years old. He spent some time in Italy and also worked for the Army Signal Corps in the U.S. Capital, but his greatest period of achievement was San Francisco and London, where he lived and worked all his life. He was a leading figure in the art community of the day, exhibiting his wares in galleries and houses all over the world.

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Jay Bolton’s Figural Stained Glass Windows is something like the best work he ever did, but then again, this could be because he was always a great teacher. There were times that he would go on tour making glass windows for people, and these truly were among his finest pieces of art. In the early days, his designs were quite popular, especially in the North West, but when it came to new York, where he really began to make a name for himself, his designs fell out of favor somewhat. But with new technology and computer software, there is a good chance that Bolton’s stained glass windows may once again become a hot favorite in the new millennium, and that might be good news for collectors.

This is a lovely example of how a teacher can also be a student. While Jay Bolton was indeed a master craftsman, he also possessed a mind of great creativity and flair for artwork. If you are looking for new, well-crafted glass art, this is the man to approach.

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